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Automated Credit Improvement

Nevly offers a technology-enabled credit improvement tool that members can use to have legitimate errors and mistakes corrected on their credit reports. This tool can help improve credit scores and make it easier to get loans or other types of credit in the future.

Improve your credit score.

Let’s face it… mistakes happen!

At Nevly, we work hard to help you get your credit back on track – for free! So don’t let your credit be the reason why you don’t live the life you deserve. Come see us today and let us help get you on track!

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How It Works

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Enroll in automated credit improvement

We will verify your identity, do a soft pull of your credit report, work with you to identify those items that represent mistakes or errors on your report and then get to work.

Use our Credit Monitoring

Use our credit monitoring services to check for updates to your credit report and scores.

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A credit score is a three-digit number between 300-850 that reflects items on your credit report and reflects creditworthiness as an individual. The higher the score, the more favorable and trustworthy you are to creditors.

A credit report is a document that essentially houses all of your credit information. This includes things such as personal information, employment, credit accounts, loans, public records, and credit inquiries.

Your credit score is determined by a variety of factors in your credit report. The most important factor is your payment history, which makes up 35%. This information can be used to help you get approved for future loans and lines of credit, so it is important for many reasons. Namely, it can help you get approved for loans.

We use a credit engine that tracks, manages, and restores your credit on an ongoing basis. It is fully automated, meaning we can help 24/7 without you having to contact us. Our engine has a secret sauce for submitting disputes to credit bureaus. All you need to do is select the negative items you want us to dispute then sit back and watch your credit improve!

Every situation is different, but our goal is for you to see results as early as possible. Every month, our credit engine will analyze and prioritize your inaccurate items based on impact. Our data shows that submitting three disputes to the credit bureaus at a time is optimal to achieve the best results.

$1,500. Nope.

Credit bureaus are the agencies that package all of your credit information and provide credit reports. They then sell that information to businesses inquiring about your credit score and history. The most influential bureaus in the United States are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

Credit bureaus are the companies that package all of your credit information and provide credit reports. that's information is then sold to businesses inquiring about your credit score and history. Some of the most influential credit bureaus in the United States are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.
Nevly leverages the TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 model which includes several key components:

  • Payment History - comprised of whether you regularly pay your bills on time.
  • Credit Age and Type - the average age of all your credit accounts and a mix of various types such as revolving debt (credit cards)and installment debt (student loans).
  • Credit Utilization - the percentage of your credit limit that is outstanding.
  • Balances - balances on your credit accounts which include current balances as well as all delinquent accounts.
  • Inquiries - recent credit inquiries or new applications for credit.
  • Available Credit - the amount of unused credit available.

Our credit improvement services are designed to help those who are most in need of removing inaccurate items and errors from their report. If you were ever denied a financial product such as a loan or credit card, made a late payment, suffered from identity theft, or had your credit checked recently – We can help improve your credit! If you don’t fit any of these categories but your credit isn’t exactly as good as you would like – check out our Rent Payment Reporting or our Credit Builder Debit Card, products that are also designed to help improve a member’s credit score.

Our goal is to provide this service for free to all of our members who meet our qualifying requirements. For users who would like to utilize our credit improvement services and use our FDIC insured debit card each month, the service is free every month where the user reaches the minimum monthly spend amount in the prior month. For all other users, you will pay $30 per month.

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