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Asset Growth Program

Here to build with you today – and for tomorrow.

We are focused on helping you build a better tomorrow for your money by rewarding you for taking steps to do money different today!

The Nevly Way

Doing money different by building a brighter tomorrow.

How it works

Download the Nevly app

Manage your Nevly account, refer friends, and more—all in just a few taps.


Use what matters most to you

Our mission is focused on providing members with innovative products they actually use that allow them to do money different.


We show you value…You show love

Once a month we will show you how much value we’ve created for you the prior month. You get a choice to show your love with a tip.


Sharing is caring and caring is doing money different

We’re so confident in what we believe you deserve that we take the tips you choose to give the company and give them back to you and invest them for you!



No you do not. The focus of the management team is to deliver innovative products that solve real world challenges for our members or make their lives a little bit better than they were before they got here. While the receipt of a tip is a way for us to evaluate how we are doing the primary benefit of receiving tips is that we get to reinvest nearly all of them back into our community of members.


Each member who completes their download of the app receives a Nevly Coin, a cryptocurrency token that represents each members ownership in the pool of assets. The assets are invested, and the balances are updated in real time.

At this time, we have made the decision to restrict the sale of Nevly Coins.

Yes, you are permitted to. How much of those assets you are permitted to borrow will change over time based on a number of factors. You will be able see your advance rate in your wallet.

Yes. We use ten percent of the tips allocated to members to also fund our Rebuilding Communities, Referral and Unemployment Support programs.

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