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Nevly Brain Trust

Spread the love you have for Nevly – and earn cash and great perks in the process. 

* See official program terms here.

So what is the Nevly Brain Trust?

Help grow and engage with our member community by joining the Brain Trust, where members can earn access rewards like limited edition swag or other perks while representing us as their brand ambassador.

Come join the Nevly Brain Trust

As a Brain Trust member, you’ll have a chance to:

Earn awesome rewards

Show your support for this great brand by participating in research and marketing initiatives. You'll get cash bonuses, limited-edition swag - all while showing that you care!

Enjoy early access

As a brand ambassador you will have the opportunity to attend some of our most popular events early.

Have an impact

We are committed to expanding our Fintech network and meeting with Nevly employees. Our ambassadors provide feedback on products, while also developing this solid base for continued growth in the industry!

Gain invaluable experience

Would you like to join a fast growing, impact focused Fintech company and learn real world marketing? We're looking for people with the right skillset. Flexible hours and little time commitment is what we offer!

I want in. How do I join?

Be a Nevly power user.

Have big love for Nevly and be willing to advocate on behalf of the brand in person and online.


Complete the application.

It only takes a few minutes to apply, and applications are reviewed and approved on an ongoing basis.


Watch your inbox.

After you submit your application, please allow up to 30 business days for our team to review and confirm your eligibility.


Join the Nevly Brain Trust today!


We often reach out to ambassadors to be part of our marketing initiatives. During your time as a Nevly ambassador, you may have the opportunity to apply to be featured.

Nevly Ambassadors may have the opportunity to host events on behalf of Nevly. However, this is not a requirement, it’s totally up to you!

You must be engaged with Nevly on one of its social media channels at least once a month. Nevly defines engagement as liking, commenting or sharing/resharing posts on social media.

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Ready to do money differently?

At Nevly, we believe that your money should work as hard for you as you do for it. That’s why you’ll earn more interest at Nevly in just a few weeks than you will all year with other banks. 

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