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Rebuilding Communities

You don’t need big-time finances to make big impact.

Whether you’re just trying to get your credit right or preparing for retirement, we believe that we are only as good as the communities we live and invest in – which is why we’ve placed rebuilding your communities at the core of doing money different.

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The Nevly Way

Whether it’s rehabbing a playground in St. Louis, remodeling a home for a family in Oakland, or staffing an afterschool program in Philadelphia, our Rebuilding Communities program is designed to allow members to set the company’s priorities for how we reinvest – and we like it that way.

How it works

Download the Nevly app

Manage your Nevly account, refer friends, and more—all in just a few taps.


Nomination period opens

Keep an eye out for when a nomination period opens and we will provide you with that period’s unique #hashtag.


Nominate a project

Have a project you feel passionate about!? Create your most engaging video and post it to your social media network of choice, tag the company in your post and use the unique #hashtag.


Finalists Selected | Winner Chosen

We will select a slate of finalists and their videos will be posted inside of our Community forum inside the app. Finalists are free to lobby members for their support in our Community and invite friends and family to download the app to support their project. Members will vote inside the Community forum of the app. The winner will be announced and then we will get to work!



We ask that each member limit their submission to one per nomination period but are free to submit a project or the same project in multiple nomination periods.

No there isn’t. The cost and complexity of a project will not factor into the decision making on which projects make the finalists, but the complexity and cost of a project will factor into how many projects we do per year.

The company currently has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok that support the posting of videos and a member is free to select any of these networks as long as they are able to post or embed the nomination period #hashtag and tag the company.

Our Community forum inside the app allows members to do nearly everything that a user could do on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – post, Go Live, recruit new members…the world is your oyster!

You don’t have to but it is our goal to lead from the front here. The company’s management team will be right alongside you and our local partners swinging hammers, painting stairs or whatever else is needed to get your project done and will love every minute of it.

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What are you waiting for?

Let’s get to work today.

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