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Unemployment Support Program

When you need a helping hand, we are there.

Financial emergencies happen to the best of us. No matter if you’re laid off from your dream job or just struggling to find your footing in the workforce, our Unemployment Support Program is here for you when things go wrong and you need a helping hand!

The Nevly Way

Doing money different when you need it most.

How it works

Download the Nevly app

Manage your Nevly account, refer friends, and more—all in just a few taps.


Sign up for direct deposit

Commit to depositing your payroll or 1099 payments into your Nevly account.


Begin earning support credits

Once you’ve signed up for direct deposit you earn a support credit amount each month – we will tell you monthly the amount you’ve stored up.


Receive support payments

If we see your direct deposits stop and you start to receive unemployment benefit payments we will confirm your eligibility to receive support payments, notify you of the amount of your monthly support payment and you’ll start receiving your support payments.



A member must have been signed up for direct deposit for a minimum of six (6) months, must have tipped an average of $15 per month and must have started to federal or state unemployment benefit payments.

A member must their Nevly checking account as their primary account for receiving their 1099 deposits for a period of at least nine (9) months, must have tipped an average of $15 per month and must sign up for the company’s rent reporting services if they are a renter or make their mortgage payments out of their Nevly checking account.

After signing up for direct deposits or designating their Nevly account as the primary account for receipt of 1099 payments (in the case of GIG workers or contractors) a member earns a support credit amount of $62.50 per month up to a maximum amount of $750. A members benefit payment amount is calculated as of the first of each month and is equal to the lesser of (i) 25% of the average monthly net payroll amount for the previous six (6) months and (ii) the amount equal to the aggregate support credit amount multiplied by 3 and divided by 9.

Up to a maximum of nine (9) months but will cease as of the month in which a member begins receiving direct deposit payments.

$250 per month.

Yes, and the recipient of such a gift is eligible to immediately begin receiving support benefit payments if the member whose benefit is being gifted would be eligible to immediately receive support benefit payments. A recipient may only receive one gift inside of a 12-month period.

Their support credit balance shall be reduced to $0. The member shall begin earning support credits upon securing employment and re-enrolling in direct deposit.

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