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Referral Program

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Get Paid.

Our referral program is designed to encourage our members to become missionaries. We do this by innovating and delivering tools built to allow members to do money differently while being paid simultaneously.

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With Nevly, it’s never been easier. 

It’s never been easier to bring your friends to Nevly and get paid in the process.

How it works

Download the Nevly app

Manage your Nevly account, refer friends, and more—all in just a few taps.


Get your link

Log in to the app to visit "Refer a Friend" in your profile and start referring using your unique link.


Invite friends

Send your unique link to your friends and family via social media, email, text— or whatever’s convenient for you.


Use the app

Use the app to manage everyday money things and we will notify eligible members of the amount of their referral bonuses and pay them in cash or crypto monthly.



The member would have to be a member of the community for a minimum of ninety (90) days, have recruited a minimum of three (3) additional members to the community over their first ninety (90) days or over any consecutive sixty (60) day period and have spent a minimum of $1,000 on their Nevly debit card each month during this ninety (90) day period or over any consecutive ninety-day (90) day period.

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We Do Money Differently.

At Nevly, we believe that your money should work as hard for you as you do for it. That’s why you’ll earn more interest at Nevly in just a few weeks than you will all year with other banks. 

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