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Financial Planning

We get it. Every person’s financial journey doesn’t start at the same place or have the same destination and that’s okay! Whether you’re trying to figure out how to prepare for retirement or save up enough money to cover your first apartment security deposit without using your credit card – we’ll build a plan that’s just right for you and hold your hand every step of the way.

Our financial planning services can be used for:

Improving your credit profile

Establishing your goals

Learn the importance of a budget

Borrow the right way

Save for the future

Invest smartly

How it works:

Get a Financial Health Plan and Score

Start off by downloading the app and taking our financial health assessment to get your score and a plan.

Discover your options

After receiving your score and plan, we will help you analyze your situation and walk through some next steps and alternatives.

Stay on track

We will keep an eye on you through your journey and will check in with you periodically as you begin to do money different.

Do Money Different with complimentary, customized financial advice today. 

The Map to Success

We all have a unique financial situation, but the good news is that with our help you can develop an understanding of your individual finances and take steps to make healthier decisions.

We use our technology to help you map out your financial future! We’ll work with the different aspects that are important to consider when it comes time for college or retirement savings.

Technology powered

Leveraging a technology that has the ability to capture and analyze thousands of different client interactions, as well as millions in case studies.

An objective viewpoint

A business model built around doing money different for our members results in us keeping your best interests in mind in everything that we do – no upselling, no quotas and no ulterior motives.

Ready for anything

You can come to us with any financial issue, big or small – it doesn’t need to be an enormous challenge to be worth our attention.


The first step in this process is to take our financial health assessment to get your score and a plan. We than use those items to guide your progress and to hold you accountable. A members score and plan will change over time and we encourage members to take another assessment once their existing plan has been completed.

Definitely not! We’re all humans, and humans make both wise and questionable decisions related to their own finances. Talking about money can be pretty stressful, so relax and know that this company was founded to hold your hand through every step of your journey.

We leverage technology to keep track of where you are on your journey and will communicate with you through the app, email, by text message or even carrier pigeon to make sure you know where you are and that we are right there with you.

Unfortunately, not at this time. We believe that our market leading technology is sufficient to meet your needs but are constantly innovating to allow you to continue to do money different and if your needs begin to require more human interaction around financial planning, we won’t hesitate to look into added them.

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Ready to do money differently?

At Nevly, we believe that your money should work as hard for you as you do for it. That’s why you’ll earn more interest at Nevly in just a few weeks than you will all year with other banks. 

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