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You Have Goals.
We have Benefits to Help You Achieve Them.

At Nevly, we believe your dreams matter and we believe those dreams start with doing money different. Which is why as a Nevly member, you benefit from a company that has committed to funding access to exclusive benefits designed to help you do money different.

Your Money

Your Community

Your Safety Net

Your Tomorrow

Let us help you set and achieve your money goals.

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Financial planning

Get personalized advice tailored to your unique situation.

Referral bonuses

Refer friends and invest in our community building and earn cash.

Rewards and loyalty programs

Sign up to enjoy our rewards programs.

Let’s create something special.

Members Only

Members can connect with Nevly’s research, product, and marketing teams to give feedback on products, benefits, and more and we will also share loads of valuable stuff — from money tips to surprise giveaways — check out everything for you in our members-only Facebook group. 

Community investment

We think its time to leverage the passion and commitment our members have to their communities and use that to fuel how we approach community reinvestment. Join with us as we invest together in rebuilding communities one step at a time.

We are always there for you when you need us.

Unemployment Protection Program - yeah man!

Life happens, and we want to be there for you when it does. We’ll provide you with temporary financial support when you need it most.

Let’s start by changing your tomorrow, today.

We are Member Strong. Community Stronger

At Nevly, our number one value is putting our members first.

Our members are our reason for existing and doing the work that we do. We want to give them every opportunity to get involved and make an impact.

Member Advisory Board

Become a part of a diverse group of Nevly members who provide critical feedback across all of our products and services. 

Nevly Brain Trust

Our brand ambassador program is a select group of members who can earn cash, special access to events, limited-edition swag, and other perks in exchange for representing the Nevly brand. 

Convinced yet?

Sign up with Nevly to get started. 

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There’s no catch. Nevly benefits are available to all eligible members at no cost—yes, really! 

Yes. Download the Nevly app to take advantage of your benefits anywhere, anytime. You can access all of your Nevly member benefits through your Nevly login in the app or on the web in your Profile section. 

The benefits of being a member are only for members, but we are always looking for ways to improve and help you save money. So tell your partner to sign up and join us, and tell your children that help is on the way!

As a Nevly member, you'll have access to benefits that can help you with your money, invest in your community and shape your future - all at no cost.

Your Money: With Nevly, you can get personalized financial advice tailored to your unique situation. You can also take advantage of referral bonuses, rewards and loyalty programs.

Investing in Your Community: Nevly members can invest in their community through a variety of programs. These programs include things like micro-lending, community support and more.

Shaping Your Future: Nevly can help you shape your future with tools and resources that can help you plan for retirement, start a business and more. We also offer members exclusive discounts on products and services.
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